Video Playlist 17: Optimal control of automated vehicles crossing a lane-free signal-free intersection

The videos included in this playlist are part of the results discussed in the paper titled "Optimal control of automated vehicles crossing a lane-free signal-free intersection". In this work, a control strategy is proposed to appropriately guide connected automated vehicles (CAVs), for all OD (origin-destination) movements, in a signal-free intersection to cross simultaneously. In particular, we develop a joint optimal control approach to optimize control inputs of all vehicles over a time-horizon by solving a single optimal control problem. The cost function includes proper terms to ensure smooth and collision-free motion, while also considering fuel consumption and desired-speed tracking, when possible. Appropriate constraints are designed to respect the intersection boundaries and ensure smooth vehicle movements towards their respective destinations.

This video illustrates the results of applying the suggested approach to 21 vehicles crossing a signal-free intersection. The vehicles exiting at each specific destination are depicted in a corresponding color. For instance, blue vehicles exit from the horizontal branch on the right. As seen, vehicles with all possible ODs drive towards their respective destinations simultaneously without collisions, featuring smooth and fast motion and remaining within the intersection boundaries. The physical limits of control signals, i.e. acceleration and steering angle, are satisfied. Geometrical intersection data and vehicle data (dimensions, desired speeds, physical limits, etc.) are provided in the paper.

Simulation result of 21 vehicles, TrafficFluid DSSL TUC
Simulation result of 21 vehicles