Journal Articles

Journal Articles (submitted)

  • Yanumula, V.K., Typaldos, P., Troullinos, D., Malekzadeh, M., Papamichail, I., Papageorgiou, M.: Optimal path planning for connected and automated vehicles in lane-free traffic with vehicle nudging,
  • Malekzadeh, M., Yanumula, V.K., Papamichail, I., Papageorgiou, M.: Overlapping internal boundary control of lane-free automated vehicle traffic.
  • Theodosis, D., Karafyllis, I., Papageorgiou, M.: Cruise controllers for lane-free ring-roads based on control Lyapunov functions, - link to related videos -
  • Theodosis, D., Karafyllis, I., Titakis, G., Papamichail, I., Papageorgiou, M.: A nonlinear heat equation arising from automated-vehicle traffic flow models,
  • Typaldos, P., Papageorgiou, M.: Modified dynamic programming algorithms for GLOSA systems with stochastic signal switching times,