Completed Theses

PhD Theses

  • Panagiotis Typaldos (2022): Effect of automated vehicles on highway traffic flow and signalized junctions.
  • Milad Malekzadeh (2023): Internal boundary control of lane-free automated vehicles traffic.

Diploma Theses

  • Filippos Tzortzoglou (2022): Analysis of cruise control systems for autonomous vehicles on lane-free roads with sampled-data and saturated control inputs.
  • Ioannis Faros (2022): Movement strategies for connected and automated vehicles in lane-free traffic using optimal control.
  • Athanasia Karalakou (2022): Deep reinforcement learning reward function design for lane-free autonomous driving.
  • Nikolaos Marinos Tzitzikopoulos (2022): Application of numerical approximation methods in control systems which describe movement of autonomous vehicles in lane free-roads.
  • Georgios Asiminakis (2022): Empirical investigation of a nonlinear automated vehicle controller in lane-free traffic.
  • Maria-Konstantina Mavroeidi (2023): Specifying desired orientations for automated vehicles on complex lane-free roundabouts via Dynamic Programming.
  • Petros Koutsas (2023): A GLOSA system with stochastic signal switching times.
  • Pantelis Giankoulidis (2023): Monte Carlo Tree Search for autonomous driving in lane-free traffic settings.
  • Ismini Pavlaki (2023): Movement strategies for emergency vehicles in lane-free environment.
  • Leonidas Bakopoulos (2024): Deep Q-Networks with normalized advantage function for autonomous driving in lane-free traffic.
  • Ioannis Peridis (2024): Deep learning-guided Monte Carlo Tree Search for lane-free autonomous driving.